pH Testing

pH - Acid, Neutral or Alkaline (Scale 1-14)

pH is measured on a scale from 0-14 with the lower numbers representing acid soils, the higher numbers representing alkaline soils and 7 being neutral soil.
The ideal pH range for your lawn is somewhere between 6 and 7 (neutral soil).
Basically pH effects the solubility of minerals and nutrients essential for plant growth and if your soil is out of the optimum range then the nutrients becomes difficult or almost impossible to absorb.

Testing the Soil

  1. Collect samples of soil from different parts of your lawn site.
  2. Mix the samples together to get an average reading of the whole area.
  3. Run your Soil Test

pH Results

  • Less than 6pH (Acidic Soil) - Raising pH with Dolomite Lime
  • 6 – 7ph Neutral (perfect for Strong Lawn Growth)
  • Higher than 7ph (Alkaline Soil) – Lower the pH with Sulphate of Ammonia

Product Information

Dolomite Lime is used to sweeten sour or acid soils whilst at the same time provide plants and lawns with two essential nutrients, Calcium and Magnesium. Dolomite Lime helps to raise the pH, and assist in releasing nutrients trapped in the soil.

Directions for use of Dolomite Lime

  1. The application rates will vary so read the packaging label
  2. Cultivate the soil using a mattock and steel rake.
  3. 100g per m2 of Dolomite Lime increases the pH by 1 unit approx.

Sulphate Of Ammonia is a fertiliser rich in nitrogen that stimulates and promotes leaf growth in all plants, especially leaf crop vegetables and lawns. It’s High in Nitrogen, Stimulates leaf growth and colour and very effective at greening up lawns.

Directions for use of Sulphate of Ammonia

  1. One adult handful holds approximately 70 grams.
  2. Apply Sulphate of Ammonia every 6 weeks from early spring to early autumn at the following rates:
  3. Dry application – spread 15 grams per square metre evenly and water in well.
  4. Liquid application – dissolve 30 grams in 5 litres of water in a watering can and spread evenly over 2 square metres.
  5. Cultivate the soil using a mattock and steel rake.
  6. 100g per m2 of Sulphate of Ammonia reduces the pH by 1 unit.