Domestic Private Lawn and Garden Maintenance

At Prodigy Lawns we do a variety of Domestic Private Maintenance throughout the Northern Beaches of Cairns.

We know that there are better things to be doing than spending your weekends mowing lawns and doing garden clean-ups.
That's where Prodigy Lawns comes in. We do it all for you!

Mowing Lawns and Garden Maintenance work is what we do each and every day of the week:

Private Domestic Maintenance Work we do includes;

  • Home Lawn Mows
  • Front Yard Lawn Mows
  • Vacant Block Lawn Mows
  • All Type Garden Cut Back Maintenance
  • All Type Garden Cleanup Maintenance
  • High Pressure Jet Water Blasting Maintenance
  • Weed Control Spraying

We also have Full Insurance Cover on all our Private Maintenance work.

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