Vacant Block Mow and Clean-Up

It's amazing the difference some well organised and hard work can do to bring your vacant block back to a clean look again.

Your neighbours will love you again and the Council will be happy again.

Getting your vacant block back to a clean looking block takes a variety of tools, knowhow and hard work.

To get an even neater, cleaner looking finish we can also mulch mow the grass after the side throw mow is finished.
It costs a little extra but it makes a big difference to an already great finish.

Typically the types of tools we use are;

  • A Zero Turn Mower with the side throw.
  • A Mulch Mower to clean-up all the slashed grass etc.
  • Industrial Brush Cutter.
  • Industrial Whipper Snipper.
  • Industrial Back Pack Blower to clean up all the boundary, driveways, foot paths and road side curbs.
  • Tandem or Single Axel Trailer depending on the amount or type of mess to remove to the local tip.

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