Reseal Timber Decks

Is your timber deck looking tired, dull and faded?

Don’t put it off any longer! Call Prodigy Lawns today on 0447 442-230 to arrange a free quote to restore and reseal your timber deck.

Timber left untreated or not properly maintained will suffer from a range of issues from discoloration, fading, splintering and warping.
Some decks during winter or in high moisture areas can even suffer from mould, moss, slime, fungus growth and rot problems.

Act now before it’s too late and the repair costs escalate.

Our Deck Maintenance and Restoration Process Combines;

  • Deck Clean / Scrub
  • High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Repairs such as tightening or replacing deck screws
  • 2 Coats of Cabot’s Products
  • Let Dry for 48 hours then its BBQ Time.


Give Prodigy Lawns a call today on 0447 442-230.

Depending on the Deck Condition, Ideally your Timber Decks will need resealing every year or two...


Prepairing Timber Deck for a Reseal (Before Photos).

Finished Timber Deck Reseal (After Photos).

Close Up Photo of the Finished Timber Deck Reseal Job Completed by Prodigy Lawns. (After Photo).

If your deck looks dull, shows any signs or wear and tear or water no longer beads on the surface, then it's time to reseal your timber deck.

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